Featuring an attractive mix the enchantment of an antique decoration with the functionality of modern elements. They are exterior, double and have common elements: color, impressive headboards, antique furniture restored, noble materials, hand crafts and vegetable paints details in the bathrooms. Each name illustrates a story, a legend or a landscape of our region.

Suite la Honfría

The forest is a rainforest Honfria with leafy plant of the environment. Since ancient chestnut, hazelnut and cherry, pine and holly trees to make up the variety of the place. Innumerable fonts clean fresh water come from rocks and old spouts. All of this makes it a perfect setting to relax and watch the attractive landscape.

El Castillo

The legend says that Don Rodrigo took refuge in the mountains of Sierra de Francia with his beloved Florinda, Queen Quilama, and built a castle, later called Old Valero´s Castle . In that castle concealed a Visigoth treasure and had built some underground passages with various outings throughout of the mountains of sierra if they should flee if attacked.

Castil de Cabras

Situated on the banks of river Quilamas, is situated Castil de Cabras natural fortress for all slopes. Get the name of an old Celtic fort in the antiquity where the goats were kept. Also, this beautiful corner of the Sierra de Quilamas, is the natural refuge of emblematic species such as the black vulture, the golden eagle and black stork..

Teso Mirón

Place name that refers to the earliest evidence of human settlement in the municipality of San Miguel. Near the birth of Quilamas stream in one of the ravines of drinking affluent of El Vieco; prehistoric populations felt the need to paint a series of figures that, although unknown to us meaning, inform us of the attraction of the mountain had since then to man … The Sierra population was organized in more or less stable settlements around valleys, but organizing their defense in strategic locations in the higher areas. So peak Teso Miron was fortified.

La Hollarina

The Hollarina is an elevation of the Sierra de Quilamas. From this room you can see your majesty, surrounded by other steep elevations, rounded hills, hills covered with vegetation and rocky naked, exposed to the aggression of the meteorological agents. Area winds, fog and winter rains including harassment. Area clear skies, clear and dominant and panoramic views of the rest of the year. From here feel like going to meet our tour of these wonderful landscapes.

Pico Cervero

Very spacious apartment which is named after the highest mountain in the Sierra Quilama. Between its crags the Spout Gigareo can be seen; a cascade of fresh water a must. Furthermore, it is the birth of Huebra river.

Las Madroñeras

Landscapes where the dominant plant species the Arbutus. Their extension is limited to Mediterranean climates and natural habitats are mixed forests of ravines and river gorges, slopes, oaks and rocky terrains. The colors of these vegetation varies with the seasons: purple, yellow, red or green. In the Sierra de Francia and the Sierra Quilamas formations exist arbutus tree-like denoting maturity and good natural forest conservation area..

Suite Rey Rodrigo

Rodrigo was the last king Godo in 700 years, ending with him the last Visigothic kingdom in Spain. He lost the throne violently in the famous battle of Guadalete against Muslims. This defeat and subsequent secession of the kingdom was due to betrayal among different opponents Visigoth king. Around here fought the battle of Tejeda, after which he was exiled to Portugal. In these places he lived an idyll of love with his Muslim Quil’ama Queen. In these mountains they took refuge. Tunnels and forts They built to defend the Muslim harassment aimed to snatch his beloved King. The king hid here a valuable treasure trove of gold pieces .. [Between Castle and Quil’ama no more gold is worth Spain] .. worth strolling through these landscapes to try to discover …

Suite Reina Quil´ama

King Don Rodrigo fell in love with the daughter of Count Julian called Florinda and fled with her. Count Julian, trying to get his daughter back, drove the Muslims to fight the expansion of Guadalete, where supposedly died King Rodrigo. However no data to confirm this fleeing north, collecting the famous treasure of the Visigoths and hiding in the “Sierra de Quilamas”. Don Rodrigo took shelter in the Valero´s Castle with his beloved Valero and the Visigoth treasure and ordered the construction of some subterranean passages with various outings throughout the Sierra if they should flee in case of attack. But this did not help anything to Don Rodrigo, since the order of Count Julian, was killed in his castle and so the Segolluela´s battle took place in the year 713. Rodrigo hid in a cave in the area to his beloved and the treasure. She would die waiting for him as he fled the town of Viseu in Portugal where they finally die in 714..

La Covatilla

The name given to one of the places with the highest altitude of the Sierra de Béjar. Oriented to the north-northeast and the wind protection provided whole massif, the sun does not damage the quality of the snow. Hence the location of the ski resort of the same name. From this room the views of the area are excellent..

El Calvitero

The Calvitero is the highest elevation in the Sierra de Béjar. All of the mountain ridge is dominated by the great promontory, in turn, serves as a natural border with neighboring Extremadura. The rounded summit is visible from this beautiful room.


Circus Name glacial which has its birth Corps River Man. Located in the Sierra de Candelario, in the shadow of the Needles, with the passage of the Devil and the Tower, dominated by mountain peaks “The Little Brothers”, where water serves as a mirror to reflect back that stone, snow and sky …

Lagunas del Trampal

The “trampales” are ponds that are at a level of silting due to advanced materials carried by water and deposited on the bottom. This process is at an advanced stage, completely blinded leaves gaps, leading to peatlands with lots of aquatic plants and mosses. The “Lagunas del Trampal” are located in the Sierra de Béjar and as we can guess by its name, subject to this process take thousands of years. So much so, that of the four lakes that originally had, the top is now completely blind. Some of the endemic flora of the area are high in this habitat of great ecological value.


Front Desk – Living Room

We have a common room for guests staying at the hotel. It is the anteroom and card then what will be the rest of the hotel. We have two living areas, an area with fireplace, a games area, library and old staircase to the rooms. They have used old materials for a new building. Old stone, iron and wood mixed with a decoration on the reigning class and taste.